End of the year iPad app lists to browse

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Happy New Year! I’m on the lookout for new apps to buy with my Christmas iTunes gift cards and found these two articles that I shared below for your browsing pleasure. Enjoy, and if you find any great deals let me know.

ABC News: Top 50 iPad Apps

13 best iPad and iPad Mini Apps for New owners


Public Speaking and Presentation apps

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This is an excellent list of apps for public speakers and presenters by Forbes.com. I was excited to see a wide variety of useful apps including storage, prompting, timing and more.

Star Walk brings astronomy to life

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Warning: I am about to geek out about an app that I believe epitomizes the versatility and wonder of the iPad.

First, a screenshot for you that shows the constellations east of my bedroom window, identified and diagrammed tonight through the Star Walk app as I stood in the front yard.


Since my undergraduate Earth Science class in the late nineties, the night sky has been a point of wonder for me. I have spent many a summer evening perched on top of a tractor (yes, a John Deere) looking at the geometric shapes presented by the stars and planets. I have a small guidebook to the stars, but I may never use it again after discovering Star Walk, an interactive astronomy guide that literally puts the stars in the palm(s) of your hand(s).

The iTunes store gushes about the app and I wholeheartedly agree.

Star Walk is the most beautiful stargazing app you’ve ever seen on a mobile device.

I encountered Star Walk by complete accident on Cyber Monday when I was sifting through the discounted apps listed online.  This video details the versatility of the app, which transcends previous methods of identifying constellations.  Truly amazing.

NASA releases “Earth as Art” app

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Science and art aren’t always compatible, but in this case the two have met in an unlikely space. Literally.

NASA released its free Earth as Art iPad app and a free pdf ebook recently in addition to a full-color 158 page book available for purchase.

I was intrigued by many of the exotic locations and brilliant colors in the satellite photos shot from space and also excited to see that my home state of Kansas was featured in the book as well. Too bad they chose Garden City instead of the Flint Hills, which would have been far more picturesque.

Garden City
United States

Garden City, Kansas, has a semi-arid steppe climate with hot, dry summers and cold, dry winters. Center-pivot irrigation systems created the circular patterns near Garden City, seen here from Landsat 7 in September 2000. The red circles indicate irrigated crops of healthy vegetation, and the light-colored circles denote harvested crops. The 19th-century Santa Fe Trail through central North America that connected Franklin, Missouri, with Santa Fe, New Mexico, passed through Garden City.


100 best iPad apps

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My purpose for creating The AppTrekker was to find the best iPad apps as they related to my daily life and review them. Recently, I was excited to find an article by PCMag.com detailing The 100 Best iPad Apps.

These 100 apps are broken down into categories and, as the article states, “the staff has tested hundreds of iPad apps and weeded out the stinkers.”

Here’s the low-down from Jeffrey L. Wilson on what you will find in the article.

What You’ll Find in This List
PCMag.com’s 100 best iPad apps list focuses on native iPad apps that deliver unique and compelling tablet-based experiences all their own, not iPhone apps running in 2X mode. We’ve broken our selections into seven categories to make finding the best iPad apps even easier: Social Networking, Business, Communication, Entertainment, Creativity, News/Reference/ Information, and Reading. Unless stated, all of the apps presented here are compatible with all existing iPad models.

I was going to pull my top ten from this list but then I realized that there are more than ten that deserve accolades. Take a look at this excellent resource and see for yourself.

Lottery App for iPhone will help you know if you won the jackpot

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The Powerball jackpot was over $500 million last night when the numbers 5-16-22-23-29 and the Powerball of 6 was drawn at 9:59 pm.

According to NBC news, the two winning tickets were sold in Missouri and Arizona.

I joined the throngs of people buying a ticket yesterday, purchasing one ticket in the afternoon on the way to class and attempting to purchase another one after class but missing the deadline by one minute. I shouldn’t have gone to the restroom and done my shopping first at the convenience store. I arrived home from class at 10:05, just in time to hear the numbers announced on a local news broadcast, like millions of other people who were anxiously awaiting the winning digits.

If I had missed the real-time television announcement, there are several avenues I could have pursued for obtaining the winning numbers, including searching the state lottery website or doing a google search. Serious lottery fans can get an app for your lottery record keeping, check out two apps detailed by a Los Angeles Times article.

What are the essential apps on your device?

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In honor of my 35th post, I would like to invite you to submit your must have apps for me to review on the blog over the next few weeks as well as the ones you wish you hadn’t downloaded. Please email your suggestions regarding good, bad and ugly apps to me at apptrekker@gmail.com.

I can’t wait to see and feature the apps that you have selected!

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